Swiss loans without upfront costs

Switzerland is not just a very popular, safe haven for financial investments! Many lenders based in Switzerland are now also active in lending to German borrowers. They combine the seriousness of a Swiss company in the financial sectors with the European freedoms that enable a company. So if you are looking for a loan that is as free as possible from Credit Bureau, then there are good opportunities to borrow money in Switzerland!

Fair lending – fair conditions

Fair lending - fair conditions

Swiss loans without upfront costs do not differ significantly in terms of the fairness of the lending and the process from the domestic variant. Reputable lenders do not charge any upfront costs, flat rates for documents and no fees for sending contract documents.

Instead, they use the available information and proof of income in the form of a pension certificate, a salary slip or similar document to calculate a creditworthiness and use this to calculate a risk class. This in turn leads to a proposal for a favorable or very favorable interest rate or an interest rate with a risk premium.

What you should pay attention to

What you should pay attention to

In fact, Swiss loans at no early cost were very popular with many house builders and buyers of condominiums, particularly at the beginning of the last decade. However, these were not concluded in D-Mark or dollars! Instead, they were paid out in the local Swiss currency, the Swiss franc, and ultimately settled.

With this variant of Swiss loans without upfront costs, however, you combine two elements: on the one hand, the lending with the favorable interest rate for the loans in the local currency there, on the other hand, there is also a certain element of speculation. Since the individual monthly installments are only converted into Swiss francs on the day of the transfer or repayment, there is a certain currency risk in the event that the dollar loses value against the Swiss franc.

However, since most exchange rate changes do not take place abruptly and overnight, you can often take very good countermeasures with a special repayment or a slight rate increase. Swiss loans without upfront costs therefore often offer a very good financing option, but given the lower interest rates for loans in Swiss francs, you should always consider the currency risk and, if possible, take out the loan in dollars.

But if you make a thorough comparison, then Swiss loans are an interesting financing alternative.

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