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The rates are low, especially at the moment, and it is possible to take advantage of them as part of a credit buy-back transaction, which would make it possible to benefit from advantageous rates.

The credit redemption is the combination of several consumer loans and / or mortgage and debt to subscribe to a single loan with a single monthly payment adapted to your budget. In general, the repurchase of credit at the best rate is obtained with a repurchase of mortgage, that is to say, a group of credit with a mortgage guarantee on your house.


Advantageous rate: where to find them?

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Do you have a home loan buyout or loan consolidation project but don’t know where to start? It’s normal. You must first understand how it works before embarking on procedures. The repurchase of credit, it is quite simply the fact of repurchasing a mortgage by another bank or another credit institution than its own. The lender will therefore propose a new loan contract with a new duration, a more advantageous rate and, in the long term, money saving.

It is not systematic, to note a gain it is necessary to compare the total cost of the credit before repurchase then after repurchase of the loan concerned. You should know that to redeem the credit, the new lender will have to repay the old and therefore reimburse the costs associated with this act. All of this will be reflected in the new contract, but if the difference in rates is significant, the game is worth the effort.


Loan consolidation, can we have a favorable rate?

Loan consolidation, can we have a favorable rate?Loan consolidation, can we have a favorable rate?Loan consolidation, can we have a favorable rate?Loan consolidation, can we have a favorable rate?

We systematically talk about the real estate loan buy-back operation but little about the grouping of credits when it comes to advantageous rates. However, this operation was not spared by the fall in interest rates; households have benefited in recent months from the excellent loan conditions to reduce their monthly payments.

On the other hand, we are not talking about saving money but lowering monthly payments because in a grouping of several credits, the lender will very often extend the repayment period to obtain a reduction in monthly payments, which can lead to an increase in the cost total funding.

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