Car loan without proof of salary

A car loan differs from ordinary consumer loans not only in the purpose limitation, but also in the credit protection associated with the transfer of ownership of the financed vehicle. However, financial institutions typically require proof of salary to be presented prior to approval of a vehicle loan so that they can be certain of the applicant’s ability to repay […]

Credit during the behavior phase.

The so-called behavior behavior phase is a term from the area of ​​bankruptcy. The phase of good behavior follows the simplified insolvency procedure. The behavioral phase can only be opened if attachable assets or income are in the hands of the insolvent. The phase of good behavior lasts a whole 6 years, during which time the insolvent must express his […]

Swiss loans without upfront costs

Switzerland is not just a very popular, safe haven for financial investments! Many lenders based in Switzerland are now also active in lending to German borrowers. They combine the seriousness of a Swiss company in the financial sectors with the European freedoms that enable a company. So if you are looking for a loan that is as free as possible […]

Online loan despite unemployment.

Unemployment is the period of unemployment if the person concerned is both willing and able to work. Usually he receives unemployment benefit I in the first year, the amount of which is based on the earnings he has previously earned, and then unemployment benefit II, which is just enough for a modest standard of living. Every loan taken out over […]